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PSI Filters have been providing water filters to their clients and customers across Australia for the past 20 years. PSI came to Zade Enterprises when their previous IT support and SEO provider had left.

Zade Enterprises has provided PSI Filters a new standard in computer systems and provided new SEO. Previously PSI Filters were ranking around 30 plus for water filters in Australia. At Zade, we revamped their website, structured their meta data, created new site maps and started work on removing bad back-links and creating new. PSI Filters moved in to 2nd and 3rd spots for water filters. Other search words were 1st in Google.

This tripled their monthly organic search traffic which allowed them to cut their monthly paid search back by over $9k a month and nearly rely purely on their free organic traffic. PSI Filters are on a monthly retainer for which Zade Enterprises constantly tweaks and submits new data through their site and Google to continue with first page ranking.


Zade Enterprises (Markus) builds and maintains our web site for us with the major one being Over the years we have paid many businesses to manage SEO campaigns costing tens of thousands of dollars and failed dismally but the results Zade has achieved is pleasing to say the least in a relatively short time. Over the years we have had many different people assist with networking configuration and computer operations but there seems to be different levels of ability, we have had only 3 people over the years that had what we would call a high level of understanding and ability with Zade being one of those. The high level of understanding and ability shows when a person with that ability walks in, told the problem and has it sorted in next to no time. We have had many people that muddle about trying this and that and after several hours through trial and error eventually stumble on a solution, with knowledgeable people such as Zade the solution is obtained quickly.


Peter Howard


PSI Water Filter Services and Boss Water Systems Australia.